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Jake Vermillion

Family homelessness is skyrocketing. That's why I am running an ultra marathon (31 miles) to provide permanent housing to three families in need.

Did you know that all across America, thousands of families are homeless because of things that happened that are out of their control?

I didn't either until someone took the time to share stories with me of some families that have been forced to live on the streets after their car broke down, a parent was laid-off, or their child became ill.

These are the stories that I want to share as I train for my next event because these are the stories that inspired me to make a difference by pledging to #GetFitForHousing.

On February 9th, 2019 I'm competing in the Cloudland Canyon 50k Ultra Marathon to raise $3,100 (or $100 a mile) to help families in need find a safe place to call home.

I'm committed to training diligently, passionately sharing stories of those in need, and giving it my very all on race day; but, I need your help! Specifically, I need your encouragement, support, and advocacy!

By encouraging me through the hard days of training, making a life-changing gift on my behalf, and sharing this campaign, you can help give the gift of hope (and a home!) to three families in need!

Together, we can change the trajectories of three families' futures. Will you join my Fit For Housing tribe today?

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